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Preamble The website, subject of these general terms site de rencontre afriquerencontre conditions of sale and use hereinafter the "Website"is operated by Global Digital Média SA, registered with the Genève Trade and Companies Register under number CHEwhose registered office is located at Rue Muzy 9 - Genève — Suisse hereinafter "the Company". Based on the Website, the Company has developed online dating services for personal, recreational and non-commercial purposes hereinafter the "Services".

The Company provides Internet users with the Website allowing them to communicate with each other and represents a passive connection to online publications, the distribution of profiles and other information for entertainment purposes.

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The Services do not provide relationship advice, nor is it a marriage agency and the Company does not set up dates for Members. Use of the Services is site de rencontre afriquerencontre strictly personal and private purposes only.

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These Services are exclusively reserved for Members registered on the Website in compliance with these general terms and conditions of use and sale of Subscriptions hereinafter the "GTCUS".

Prerequisites Members hereby declare that they have obtained from the Company all necessary information regarding the Services and Site de rencontre afriquerencontre offered and shall comply without restriction or reservation to these GTCUS.

Members may enjoy the Services offered to them on the Website, subject, where applicable, to the payment of the relevant Subscription fees and to compliance with following prerequisites whereby they must: Be of legal age i. Definitions The terms defined below shall convey the following meanings for the Parties: Site de rencontre afriquerencontre 2 types site de rencontre afriquerencontre Services are on offer: Basic and Additional Services.

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The Members and Subscribers concerned are informed of their main characteristics prior to purchasing a Subscription. Purpose and scope The purpose of this document is to define the general terms and conditions of use and of sale of Subscriptions offered by the Company to its Members.

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These terms and conditions site de rencontre afriquerencontre been entered into between the Company and any person who has become a Member. They apply to a Member creating an Account on the Website and to any Subscription purchased by a Member from the Company. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded in the Company's computer system shall constitute proof of all transactions entered into with the Subscriber through the Website. These GTCUS may be subject to subsequent amendments, the version applicable to creating an Account or to the purchase of a Subscription by the Member is that in effect on the Website on the creation date of the Site de rencontre afriquerencontre or the purchase date of the Subscription.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes thereto it deems necessary and useful. Following the entry into force of the new GTCUS and in any event, the Member may waive the use of the Services though shall remain liable for any prior use.

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Website registration site de rencontre afriquerencontre Account opening 6. To create an Account and become a Member, the user must first register by completing the form available on the Website. The registration process via the Website registration form includes the following steps: Step 1: The user completes the online registration form on the Website by filling in the necessary fields, some of which are required.

Some requested information constitutes the user profile and will be accessible to other Members of the Service: Site de rencontre afriquerencontre 2: Step 3: Once the profile is correctly filled in, the user validates the registration form and shall receive a confirmation email sent to the address he or she provided.

Once the user confirms registration, he or she shall become a Member of the Service subject to Article 7. The Member who wants to use it must have a mobile Internet connection.

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This application offers the user the possibility of creating an account and of becoming a Member from a mobile phone, for example. It also lets users purchase Subscriptions.

Lastly, the user is offered the exclusive opportunity to optimise his or her chances of finding love by being guided to other dating websites if he or she is already registered thereon or if he or she wishes to benefit from more contact.

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Should site de rencontre afriquerencontre Member fail to comply with these GTCUS, he or she shall be informed by email that his or her profile was rejected and shall be asked to change it. If the Member does not change his or her profile in accordance with these GTCUS, the Company reserves the right to reject said profile definitively.

La barre de menu doit être facile à repérer, peu importe sur quelle page du site on se trouve. Avant même de trouver le bouton CTA, il aura quitté le site. Attention toutefois, il faut également regarder la qualité des profils. La tarification Autre critère pouvant avoir son poids dans un comparatif meilleur site de rencontre black: Il faut savoir que les internautes cherchent avant tout une plateforme totalement gratuite.

Regardless of the selected registration method, the Member guarantees that the data communicated during registration are exact and are factually accurate. If these data are changed, he or she undertakes to make the necessary modifications site de rencontre afriquerencontre his or her Account directly.

The Company is not required and does not have the technical resources to check the identity of persons registering on the Website and opening an Account.

General Terms and Conditions of Use and of Sales of Subscriptions

Purchasing a Subscription and payment methods 7. As a rule, Subscriptions to Basic Services and Additional Services are subject to charges for the rates in force at purchase. Prices are expressed in the currency of the Member's country. These rates are firm and not revisable during their validity period. The price is due at purchase of the Subscription, by credit card, check or bank transfer.

As an exception, for the purposes of allowing Site de rencontre afriquerencontre to discover the functionalities of Basic Services, access to a limited version of these Services is offered free-of-charge for a limited time period. This free access over a limited period does not allow the use all Website features and does not facilitate meeting other Members. In addition, a female Member can be put in contact with a male Member who has purchased the Basic Services, which is free and complete, except for Additional Services, which shall continue to be paid.

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It is specified that when access to the Services is free, whether in whole or in part, the Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of access. The Member purchases a Subscription for his or her selected duration at the price displayed online when subscribing and based on the payment terms proposed on the Website and chosen by the Member.

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Access to the Services concerned by the selected Subscription is due at payment when making a credit site de rencontre afriquerencontre purchase. Processing time is required when paying by cheque or by bank transfer; the Services concerned by this Subscription shall only be made accessible after the Company is in receipt of the sums in question.

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In this second case and when the Services of the Subscription selected are not accessible to the Member after a period of fourteen 14 days after sending the cheque by post or making the transfer, it is site de rencontre afriquerencontre that the Member sends a message to the site de rencontre afriquerencontre service department using the form accessible from site de rencontre afriquerencontre or her account under the "help" menu to which the customer service department shall undertake to respond as soon as possible.

The Company reserves the right to make temporary promotional Subscription offers to new Members or Subscribers for an unspecified period. The proposed financial terms and conditions are exceptional in nature and cannot be the subject of any claim by other Members.

The trial offer is for promotional purposes and forms an integral part of a monthly Subscription. At the end of the three 3 trial days, the Subscription will automatically be charged, unless the Subscriber has previously cancelled it, the procedures of which are set out in Article 16 of these GTCUS.

In general, cancelling Subscription renewals can be done pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Site de rencontre afriquerencontre entitled "cancellation" hereunder.

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The Member can thereafter choose from one of the Subscription options. Android The Member may create his or her Account under the terms and conditions referred to in Article 6. Said Member shall be informed in advance and through a dedicated control interface about site de rencontre afriquerencontre Subscription price and the various available payment methods. The Member can check his or her order details, the total price and correct any errors before confirming acceptance.

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