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Yoko Nagao Local performances in provincial areas of Japan have witnessed various changes since the Meiji era.

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Along site de rencontre de danseurs the policies of the government, the changes were occasioned by the complex effects site de rencontre de danseurs industrialization and the spread of Western political styles and social reorganization. Exhibitions held through the late 19th century to the early 20th century demonstrate these transformative By focusing on an exhibition that took place in Toyama, this paper asks how local people experienced and interpreted modernity, and what kind of cultural transformations occurred.

The exhibition was typical of the era in performatively demonstrating the Enlightenment, industrialization, imperialism and the shift to a consumer society.

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The new train service and harbor symbolized these elements. These multi-faceted elements were also incorporated into the new Toyama Dance which was skillfully staged in the Entertainment Hall situated on the main fairground.

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The sea motif announced the emergence of Toyama as a modernizing prefecture whose domestic and international trade was made possible by enhanced transportation systems, industrialization, and tourism in coastal areas. Its semiotic effect also configured the locality of Toyama coupled with the traditional scheme of literary imagination and the classifying and commodifying effects of light, a distinctive feature of exhibition spaces.

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However, such a dominant discourse was also contentious. Amateur singers were invited from Yatsuo, a town located about 20km south of Toyama City, to take part in the production. Historical accounts suggest that this experience left them with uncomfortable feelings about the staging of the performance: Eventually these Yatsuo townspeople created a dance called Honen-odori Harvest Dance to be performed in conjunction with Etchu Owara-bushi, and this modification has been passed down to the present.

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Such efforts brought about a new, reflexive sense of belonging to a Yatsuo situated within Japan as a multi-layered ideological construct. In addition, it is important to realize that Honen-odori imparted a visual element to Etchu Owara-bushi, primarily a musical performance, and thus served to conjoin the cultural tradition of Yatsuo with modernity, which privileges site de rencontre de danseurs visual.

The creation of a new dance form for the Etchu Owara-bushi site de rencontre de danseurs the self-affirmation of Yatsuo in this new historical context.

Modification of the Etchu Owara-bushi in response to the exhibition shows that people in provincial areas were not as passive as generally believed. Instead, multi-layered parties and discourses actively interacted to participate in the vision ing of modernity, by creating cultural forms representing identities that were constantly being renewed.

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